Small Talk Radio Show

What do you get if you stick a bunch of explorer scouts in a portakabin with free reign and a microphone. Well you get The Small Talk Radio Show. The show includes Article 50, sport amongst other topics.  The Small Talk will broadcast over the World Wide Web at 6pm and 10pm Sunday 2nd April….

Unsigned artists

We’ve all heard songs from established artists, but what about unsigned artists. Is the music any good or is it bad. Well here in the U.K. and in fact the whole world there are a load of artists who are hard working and not Money grabbing celebrities. Our radio station SMR Radio is solely dedicated…

Why pay to listen to music 

Why should I listen to your radio station I here you ask. I would say why pay for music when u can listen to it via our radio app totally for free. We also have music on demand as well. All our tunes are free to listen too 24×7 when and where you like. We…

Raising money for make a wish

During the year we are raising money for the make a wish foundation. See our link on the front page of your website. Wanna donate then click the link. Please help us raise lots of money 

Blake Explorer scouts radio programme 

Well what a night it was. Spent last night with Blake Explorers Scout Group putting together a radio programme as part of their award work. To say that they were good is an understatement.  They talked about very thing from Bullying to Trends and the film Logan. Anyway I’ll post here when the programme has…

The Voice UK or XFactor

So here’s your chance to vote. The XFactor or The Voice UK. Vote on Twitter now The voice UK or X Factor #VoiceUK #XFactor — PerfectRadioHits Mix (@perfect_radio) March 5, 2017