Part of the Toronto Cast family of stations.

Welcome to Perfect Radio Hits Mix where we play all the classic Hits  24×7. Why pay for music when it is all free here.

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Download the apps now

Desk top player to follow soon.

You can also use the following links to listen in…..

Winamp, iTunes https://cristina.torontocast.com:2199/tunein/himhtvvw.pls
* Windows Media Player https://cristina.torontocast.com:2199/tunein/himhtvvw.asx
* Real Player https://cristina.torontocast.com:2199/tunein/himhtvvw.ram
* QuickTime https://cristina.torontocast.com:2199/tunein/himhtvvw.qtl
* Web Proxy


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Mason Flores says:

    Excellent post, i did read it twice so sorry for that, i have passed it
    on to my associates, so confidently they’ll enjoy it as well.


    1. Hi. That’s ok. Can I just ask who you are?.


  2. Eddie Hall says:

    Thanks for all you do Jay


  3. Donjiggy says:

    Good morning can you give my music a play an your show. Please email me back and let me know if I have to send you a MP3 copy of my music to have it played on your show. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi. What type of music is it?.


    2. What type of music is it?.


  4. Ava Campbell says:

    At the very least it is more enlightening than one of these reality Television stars,
    kim who? Joey what?


  5. Are you looking for new Djs to stream from home.
    My music is pure vinly, old reggae style reggae 50/60/70s. Nice easy listening tunes.


    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Yes we are. Contact us via perfectradiouk@yahoo.com


  6. Mitchell hawkins says:

    Loving this radio listening through alexa


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